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Houses for Sale in Hanover County | Hanover Community Guide

Hanover County History

Hanover County began as hunting grounds for the Native American tribes of the Pamunkey and Chickahominy. Later in the late 17th Century, plantation owners and farmers settled in the area. Officially founded in 1720, the area is unsurprisingly full of historical sites and landmarks. In fact, there are 39 sites in Hanover County on the National Register of Historic Places and 56 Virginia Historical Markers. For example, one of the most famous sites is the Old Hanover Courthouse, which is one of the oldest courthouses in Virginia.

Hanover County native, Patrick Henry, known as the “Voice of the Revolution” is famous for his statement, “Give me liberty, or give me death”. He is probably the most historic figure associated with the area. He famously argued the “Parson’s Cause” case against the Crown in 1763, which is reenacted at the Old Hanover Courthouse each year.

There are also 4 different Civil War battlefields within the County.

Welcome to Hanover

The population of Hanover County is approximately 111,600. The County includes the city of Ashland, which was incorporated in 1858 and is home to Randolph-Macon College. The area is close to many different shopping centers both in and around Richmond. There are countless restaurants, parks, and beautiful neighborhoods. However, if you prefer the country, the Western parts of the County are incredibly rural and home to beautiful horse farms and rolling hills.

Hanover County Public Schools is an award-winning school division serving over 17,000 students across 26 different schools. Of those 26 schools schools, 10 have earned the Blue Ribbon School of Excellence award. The school division is the 15th largest public school system in the state of Virginia.

Houses for Sale in Hanover County, VA

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