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Selling Your Home During the Holidays: Crazy or Genius?

While people often consider the Spring to be the optimal time to sell and/or buy a home, there can be multiple benefits to selling your home during the holidays. Call us crazy, but the winter season could just be THE time to sell your home.

Lower Inventory = Focused Buyers

Because so many people wait to list their homes until the Spring, buyers who are out looking over the holidays have limited options. As a seller, this works to your advantage. Buyers will be more focused with less options. Lower inventory also increases competition among buyers. And both of these things increase the chances of selling your home more quickly and for a higher price.

Serious Buyers = Quicker Sale

Those who are house hunting over the holidays typically are very serious buyers. While the spring and summer months are packed with weekend open houses where semi-interested or merely curious window shoppers wander in and out of attractive homes, the winter months bring around buyers who are ready to make a move. As a seller, attracting serious buyers that are ready to make a purchase often times means a quicker sale!

Home for the Holidays

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